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Our Partners 

Utopia Dental Care is proud of the partnerships it has. We vow to uphold them while continuing to making more to create a strong and vast dental community throughout New Mexico! 

Cosmetic & Natural Dentistry 

We collaborate with Cosmetic & Natural Dentistry. Dr. Edwards is our consultant dentist who does comprehensive exams, restorative and cosmetic dentistry. 

Learn more about Cosmetic & Natural Dentistry here!

Blue Cross Blue Shield of  New Mexico

We work with Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico (BCBSNM). Through the BCBSNM Care Van program we make our vision a reality. The Care Van is a 30-foot mobile health clinic that travels statewide. 

Learn more about BCBSNM here!

Umoja ABQ

Our mission is to empower refugee women with tools and resources to enhance and develop their skills through education to successfully integrate and become self sufficient and independent into American society while still maintaining respective cultural values.

Learn more about Umoja ABQ here!

New Mexico African American Tobacco Prevention Network

 New Mexico African American Tobacco Prevention Network (NMAAT) began as an offshoot of the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drug Abuse (ATODA) coalition. It was one of the collaboratives operating to improve the health of NM residents. NMAAT currently provides materials, information and education to businesses and schools about the smoking cessation alternatives available to residents in the state. They especially encourage African Americans to figure out alternatives to smoking and vaping and we hope to present as many options as we can to EVERYONE in the state!

Click on the highlighted text to learn more about NMAAT!  

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